Mirrors are a fantastic way for children to explore new environments and are also a great resource when helping children recognise facial expressions and features. We have an amazing range of mirrors available; we have small hand-held mirrors, large mirrors, flat mirrors, curved mirrors, wavy mirrors, round mirrors, square mirrors and even some dinosaur shaped mirrors.

  • 6″ Circle Infinity Mirror

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  • 9 Bubble Soft Frame Mirror (Matt Grey Surround)

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  • Arch Mirror

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  • Dinosaur Mirror Set

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  • Easy Hold Colour Panels

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  • Giant 9 Domed Mirror

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  • Giant Dome Mirror Panel

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  • Large Acrylic Mirrors – 4 pack

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  • Little Town Activity Mat

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  • Soft Frame Sensory Mirror

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  • Soft Shapes Sensory Mirror Set

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  • Woodland Activity Mirror Mat

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